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A portal site for Apache camper enthusiasts

About this site...

So...Whats so great about Apaches? The Apache story started around 1957, when Gene Vesely decided to build a trailer for his camping gear. Pop-up campers were not very common at this time, despite having been around for many years. We highly recommend for anyone wishing to learn more about the history of pop-up campers. The next decade would see the company he founded become a leading manufacturer of canvas tent campers with a huge market share. In 1970 they looked to build a next generation camper. The introduction of a hard sided model with tent ends began a grand expansion of the company. The future years would see some of the best built pop-up campers made. The ABS plastic "Solid State" campers would be engineered to last with some of the most innovative patented manufacturing techniques of that period. Although the last Apache from the company was made in 1987, Apaches often sell today for more than their original sale price!

Working together, we are building a place for Apache fans to have their own community. Although this site will likely always be "under construction", much of the content will be links to other websites hosted by Apache enthusiasts. This site will be a blend of hosted content and links to content relevant to the campers and other products made by Apache. We invite you to register for our forum.If you have an Apache related site, we hope you will join the Apache Campers Club webring. We are always looking to take advantage of the many resources available on the web to provide a stable, fee-free, feature rich community.
Our forum is hosted on Tapatalk and is a great place to get information, give hints, and just share your thoughts will fellow Apache enthusiasts. We welcome any and all sugestions on how to make our site a better experience for our visitors.

Jim F. (njjimf)

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